ESD(Electrostatic Dissipative) and Anti-Static Packaging

Jarrett Industries has been serving the electronics industry for over 30 years. Let our experienced staff help you engineer a protective and functional package. We can help you correctly specify ESD protective materials to safeguard your products from ESD as well as vibration, shock, moisture and corrosion damage, reduce loss, improve customer satisfaction and, of course, profitability.

  • Custom and stock conductive corrugated boxes
  • Bags, mailers and trays
  • Static dissipative urethanes, conductive crosslink polyethylene, antistatic and dissipative polyethylene
  • Conductive rigid plastic boxes, clamshells, inserts, totes, bags (both anti static and static shielding), conductive plastic corrugated, anti stat bubble, and conductive reels
  • Patented designs
  • Samples available
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conductive plastic corrugated, conductive foam insert box with antistatic foam conductive corrugated with antistatic foam, ESD/Antistatic bubble mailers